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Today’s Exercise: Walk around with your butt squeezed like you were holding a pencil b/w your cheeks: it strengthens your core every step.


I wake up to find an episode of Dateline NBC on. It’s typical murder and exploitation. At least there’s this:

Creed returns

Like I tweeted earlier, the crummy 90’s faux grunge band Creed has made good on the Antichrist’s threat and reformed for a tour and album.

The bands Wikipedia page confirms it.

I cannot begin to imagine the audience for a regrouped Creed. Is it you? You? You over there clinging to that dingy Saliva t-shirt?

Wishing grandma a happy birthday

Wishing grandma a happy birthday

Do I have a use for this?

I’ve more or less left FB in the dust. I’m a devoted user of Twitter. Let’s see if I can utilize Tumblr without it withering on the vine.

At the inaugural LRTweetup

At the inaugural LRTweetup